[Workshop] Academic Writing – February 6th&20th 2020

Date: February 6th&20th 2020
Time: 9 am – 5 pm
Place: Kolloquium 5.09 [VSP 1]
Lecturer: Lesley-Ann Weiling (Write English GbR)
Participants: 15 max
Registration: Please use the form at the end of the post
Registration Deadline: January 20th 2020

This workshop is for researchers who wish to publish research articles in English. The aim is to improve the style and structure of participants’ English academic papers. Participants are encouraged to bring along some of their own writing that will be the basis for peer review on day two of the course. In addition, participants should bring at least two examples of research articles (written by native English speakers if possible).
Following the course, participants can send an abstract or other short text to the instructor (by email) for individual feedback and coaching. The goal is that all participants have a well written abstract and/or introduction to a paper.

• The writing process
• Classic mistakes made in written academic English
• Cultural influences on writing style
• English punctuation
• The structure of an English paper, paragraph and sentence
• Introducing story telling into your paper
• Focus on the introduction of an academic paper
• English vocabulary and phrases used in academic English
• Writing abstracts and titles
• Internet tools to help you make the correct word choice
• Understanding what reviewers are looking for in a paper
• Learning from native speaker papers
• Editing your own work

Registration – Closed

The module is open for all interested PhD students but members of the IGS-FP will be given priority. All applicants will be chosen depending on their registration time in chronological order.


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