Best Paper Award
Jonas Steiner, Razan Alaneed, Jörg Kressler and Karsten Mäder
for the paper “Fatty acid-modified poly(glycerol adipate) microparticles for controlled drug delivery
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, Best Paper Award 2021

Poster Award
Kevin Janson
Cryo-Em Snapshots of Nanodisc_Embedded Native Eukaryotic Membrane Proteins
Recent advances in structural biology of membrane proteins, EMBO virtual Workshop, 2021, Heidelberg/ Germany.

Go-Bio initial project funding
Reema Anouz
– project leader –
Entwicklung von Multi-Komponentfilmen als Plattformtechnologie für die Anwendung in der Wundheilung und Chirugie (ActiveLayers)
Go-Bio initial funding from BMBF, 2021, Germany

The Young Investigator Award (Travel Grant) for an oral presentation
Reema Anouz
Novel Surface Coatings as Biocompatible Reservoirs for BMB-2 for Bone Regeneration (Anouz R., Repanas A., Schwarz, E. and Groth, T.)
The International Federation for Artificial Organs (IFAO), 2019, Osaka/ Japan

Poster Award
Katalee Jariyavidyanont
International discussion meeting on polymer crystallization (IDMPC19), 2019, San Sebastian/ Spain

2nd Poster Award
Reema Anouz
Studies on osteogenic differentiation of cells on multilayers loaded with BMP-2
The European Society for Artificial Organs (ESAO), 2017, Vienna/ Austria.