[Waiting List] Clear at glance! Designing Effective Academic Posters – November 26th 2019

All regular spots are filled. You can still use the registration form and you will be placed on a waiting list. If there are any free spots available you will be informed via email

Date: November 26th 2019
Time: 10 am – 5 pm
Place: SR 4 1.34 [VSP 4]
Lecturer: Birgit Lukowski (GRAFIKBÜRO SUEDSTERN )
Participants: 12 max
Registration: Please use the form at the end of the post
Registration Deadline: November 11th 2019


Academic posters are an integral part of almost any scientific conference. Their purpose is to highlight and communicate research results as effectively as possible and invite discussion. The workshop conveys the key principles of graphic design and layout technique. The participants acquire basic knowledge about visual communication and design to present their research content visually well-structured, attractive and focused on its most relevant items. They will also have the opportunity to put directly into practice what they have learned by creating their own poster during the layout session.


Acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to design an eye-catching and well-structured scientific poster.
If you come well prepared, you may come away from the training with a finalized poster.


  • Communication: Main Message, Target group, Objective, Intended Impact
  • Content Structure – Preparing Text and Images
  • Handling of Corporate Design Elements
  • Design Basics: Typography, Colour, Proportional Balance, Visualization, Images
  • Setting up and Working with Poster Templates
  • Professional Layout Technique: Designing with Grid and Columns
  • Production Settings: Optimizing Print Quality

To profit the most from this workshop, participants are required to bring individual material (text, images, graphs etc.) of their current research work or recently designed posters, as well as their laptops and PowerPoint / Open Office.

Registration – Closed

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