PhD-Meeting June 2019 – Talk by Md Mahbubur Rahman

The PhD meeting of this month will take place on June 27th. Md Mahbubur will give a talk about:

Influence of modified renewable oils on the fracture mechanics behaviour of SBR polymers

time: 4 pm
place: SR 1.29 Von-Seckendorff-Platz 1


This work is dealing with the fracture behaviour of carbon-black reinforced styrene-butadiene (SBR) vulcanizates with modified renewable oils (bio-oils) e.g. epoxidized ester of glycerol from canola oil (EECO).

For comparing the results parallel the conventional oil treated distillate aromatic extract (TDAE) was used. Materials were compounded and vulcanized. The fracture mechanics behaviour under quasi-static and impact loading was investigated under consideration of various specimen geometries. Single-edged notch tension (SENT), double-edged notch tension (DENT), pure shear and trouser specimens were used to investigate the crack resistance (J), crack propagation energy (TJ*), crack toughness (Jd), and tear strength (Ts). Simultaneously, other mechanical (tensile test, hardness test), physical (glass transition temperature) and oil migration tests were done to analyze the material behaviour intensively.

Finally, the specimens are aged for different times in a hot air oven (80 °C). After that, fracture mechanics and mechanical behaviours were analyzed. It was found that the SBR vulcanizates with bio-oils showed improved fracture mechanics behaviour compared to conventional oil. As well as the mechanical properties of SBR vulcanizates with bio-oils increased. After thermo-oxidative aging, the fracture mechanics behaviour of SBR with bio-oils is comparable and some mechanical results are better than those from the compound with the conventional oil.


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