PhD-Meeting October 2018 – Talk by Jonas Steiner

The PhD meeting of this month will take place on October 25th. Jonas will give a talk about:

New biodegradable polymers for localized and controlled drug release

time: 4 pm
place: SR 1.03 Van-Danckelmann-Platz 3


Biodegradable polymers play a key role as drug carriers for controlled drug release. Besides the advantages of PLGA – the most popular and scientifically investigated biodegradable polymer – there is still a need for alternatives. Fatty acid modified poly(glycerol adipate) (FA-PGA) as a new biodegradable polymer has the potential to provide a wide range of polarities, states of aggregation and particle morphologies.
This presentation aims to introduce the essentials of parenteral depot systems and of pharmaceutically used biodegradable polymers. Furthermore selected results regarding the preparation and characterization of microparticles using FA-PGA as a polymer and lipophilic thiamine derivates as model drugs will be addressed.

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