[SFB TRR 102]: “Mapping the Energy Landscape of Repetitive Structural Proteins”

I would like to invite you to a special event of the Polymer- und Softmatter Seminar supported by the SFB TRR 102: Wednesday 11th  July 2018 at seminar room VDP4 1.27, from 5.15 pm  Prof. Melik Demirel (Penn State College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, Department of Materials Science and Ingineering Pennsylvania, USA)  will talk about  “Mapping the Energy Landscape of Repetitive Structural Proteins”.


Despite six decades of intensive studies in fibrous proteins, a viable approach for mapping the amino-acid sequences of these proteins to self-assembly and materials properties does not yet exist. New technologies are required to synthesize pooled libraries of repetitive genes that encode fibrous proteins, characterize the self-assembly behavior of these proteins in high-throughput, and discover sequences that form materials with novel physical properties. To address these challenges, we combined recent developments in synthetic biology and femtosecond optics to create revolutionary fibers and materials…